Services – manufacturing processes

In accordance with our product variety, we offer you a wide range of processing possibilities for carbide as well as for other metal and non-metal materials.
A key focus of our activities is grinding technology.

It’s precisely here that we offer you a variety of processing possibilities, e.g. cylindrical grinding, centreless grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, tool grinding, profile grinding and non-circular grinding, through to honing and lapping processes.
Furthermore we offer you a broad range of classical machining possibilities.

Wire-cut or die-sunk tools can also be ordered.
Soldering is another operational area where we have several processing possibilities.
From induction heating and flame brazing, through to furnace brazing, depending on the application, we can find the appropriate and economical solution.

Added to this are final machining processes like polishing, rounding, laser inscription and more.
We have a number of measuring possibilities, as well as a large amount of gauges for process-related inspections, to monitor our performance.