Langescheid company profile

The development of the metal that is currently known as “carbide” began in the 1920s.


Cast tungsten hard metal alloys are a big advancement when it comes to the working area of tools.
With the associated development of powder metallurgical sintered carbides, the area of application widened and have led to a breakthrough in machining.

The potential created by this was soon recognised by the company’s founder, who dedicated his professional interest to processing and looking for new areas of application for this newly developed material.
In 1948 the company was founded in the town of Schalksmuehle (North Rhine Westphalia), where our company is still located today.

Our core business has always been the processing of the material “carbide”.

Of course, the areas of application broadened, the requirements became more specialised and the demand for individually manufactured carbide tools increased, but even in the third generation we’re concentrating on processing this advanced material.