Carbide – a good alternative

Due to the wide variety of possible combinations in the production of carbide, it has a number of possible applications.

Carbide grades with a high proportion of tungsten carbide provide extremely high resistance against abrasion and wear. Less hard carbide grades are used in harsh conditions with impact and oscillation loading.

Special “bonders” other than the usual cobalt (Co) protect carbide from corrosion, are non-magnetic or allow for it to be used in the food industry. Possible areas of application, aside from the usual abrasive-resistant parts in the metalworking industry, are parts that are constantly in contact with strongly abrasive media, such as sand, ceramic or abrasive plastics.

Tools that are in contact with liquid or gaseous media can also be manufactured.

We produce carbide abrasion-resistant parts and carbide, forming and cutting tools according to customer specifications.
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Parts out of solid carbide or bonded with other materials, from small to large.

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