Carbide tools and carbide processing for over 70 years

The perfect material for all areas where other materials reach their limits

For more than 70 years, carbide processing has been the focal point of our activities. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer you precisely manufactured carbide tools as all-round solutions – as well as those where simple designs are the most economical ones.


Carbide forming dies, wear-resistant parts and cutting tools

We manufacture individual forming dies, wear-resistant parts and cutting tools made from carbide by itself or in combination with other materials. We also carry a selection of carbide semi-finished parts directly from storage. In order to create our comprehensive range of carbide and solid carbide tools, we have an efficient and flexible manufacturing division with a variety of processing possibilities.


Carbide processing: from welding and grinding to polishing and labelling

Carbide grinding is a focus of our services. We also offer you a wide range of possibilities for classical machining. Die-sunk or wire-cut tools can also be ordered. It goes without saying that carbide soldering is also one of the services we offer. We offer polishing, rounding and laser inscription for further processing and final processing.


Competent advice on applications for various carbide grades

Carbide is a diverse material with many variants. The spectrum ranges from coarse-grained to ultra-fine grained carbide grades. We will gladly support you with comprehensive advice on which type of carbide is the right one for your area of application and will also create carbide tools for you for testing purposes.

We’re there to help whenever wear causes the breakdown of tools and processes.From the metal and electrical industry through to research and the construction of prototypes


… our job is to minimise your wear.